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Moving Forward in the Current Global Climate

With the rapid development of COVID-19, A-List Communications is working diligently to keep ourselves and our clients safe and educated on all things event-related.

While we are doing our part to practice social distancing, we also understand that right now a sense of community is needed more than ever. Naturally as event planners, we are pivoting, re-imagining, re-designing, and re-focusing programs to ensure that our clients can continue to connect with their consumers in a safe and engaging manner. Despite the sudden halt in large-scale events and large gatherings, A-List Communications’ in-house creative solutions, digital strategy, adaptable programs, and design services will keep plans moving forward in new and innovative ways.

We wanted to share some of the things that are keeping us going during this time.


There are many elements out of our control but it’s our job to keep things on track, even when that path gets extremely bumpy!

Encouraging our clients to postpone gives the consumers something to look forward to when this is all behind us and provides an encouraging message for the future. In the meantime, we can focus on developing new timelines and strategies in order to stay focused on accomplishing event goals.


We’ve been embracing our digital side for years, so it’s high time to shift into gear by bringing our digital aspects to the forefront.

Let’s focus this time on keeping the threadbetween clients and consumers and reminding each other we are not alone (despite practicing isolation). Digital content, live streaming, virtual reality, social media influencer partnerships, interactive digital conferences, and more will be the focus for the foreseeable future.

As a part of Lagardere Group we share incredible resources and creative thinking with our sister agencies like Coffee Digital.


We already had an action-packed end of the year planned and now with the shifting of current programs towards later months we recognize once this is all over we are going to b-u-s-y! Let’s use this time to re-strategize, listen to our audience, generate new ideas for our clients and continue to push boundaries across the industry. We plan to take this time to look at alternatives and amplifications to our existing programs.

We are paying close attention to the markets and happy to see countries like China getting back to business.  We are optimistic this is a PAUSE vs. a stop and look forward to working together as we redefine trends and move business forward.

- A-List Communication

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