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Things to Remember in the Current Global Climate

Last week, the team at A-List Communications joined a digital meet-up with our fellow PR and Event experts across the globe to do what we do best: Figure things out! We wanted to share some of the topics that resonated with us and remind you all that we are thinking of you, your families, and your businesses!


This situation is certainly unique and although most of us have not seen anything like this in our lives, we have experienced economic and business struggles before. During the 2008 recession, A-List and many other businesses faced hardships. How we handled it then has taught us how we can handle it now.  In short, “the biggest obstacle is finding budget to execute your great ideas, so you should also provide solutions and/or opportunities to make it more affordable by way of finding more cost-effective vendors, venues or co-partners willing to share in costs.  Once your client can demonstrate cost-effective success stories internally, you’ll find additional opportunities open up” explains A-List Communications CMO, David Manning.


When this uncertainty and hardship is behind us, people will remember what companies made their lives easier —and which did not. Strive to be a positive force. Reach out to all of your clients and offer to brainstorm, think outside the box, or simply check in and see how things are going. Remind them of alternative resources you have. A major part of our industry involves logistics and trouble-shooting, so this is our time to shine when it comes to helping clients navigate these trying times.


A-List Communications has incredible influencer partnerships. Right now, people are seeking someone they can trust, who can be real with them. Those who are limiting their news consumption are turning to their favorite influencers and bloggers. This is a relationship that has always been socially distant, but also based on trust and familiarity. Influencers are already familiar with the concept of building online communities. Pivoting brands should tap into these pre-existing relationships and leverage their power to connect from afar.

- A-List Communications

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