A-List Communications publicity efforts have secured coverage of clients across a wide range of global trade and consumer media including such A-List media as:

Our creative, event and media/publicity services deliver proven results in the event, hospitality and entertainment business. We provide a full range of public relations services for clients on a retainer or project basis including:

• Long-lead story pitch and placement with national and trade publications

• Press release, media alert and tip sheet preparation & wire servicing

• Print, broadcast, radio and online press junketing

• Placement in entertainment, lifestyle and gossip media

• Red carpet press management at high profile events

We service the development, design, management and publicity of:

• Brand & Product Launch Events – – PR

• Hospitality programs

• B to B programs & Trade Shows

• Public Events & Concerts

• Entertainment, Fashion & Red Carpet Events (music, film, fashion, comedy, sports)

• College Campus Events & Promotions (includes Spring Break)

• National & Local Touring Experiential programs

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